Java E-Commerce Project:
Off-World DVD Store

(Java, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PhotoShop)

Java E-Commerce Project Screen shot
Java E-Commerce Project : Off-World DVD Store

Off-World Online DVD Movie Store

2004 to 2005 | Calverton, MD USA

Designed and developed a 3-tier E-Commerce online sales application for capstone project at Rockwell University. The website performed the following technologies and functions:

  • Web pages built with HTML, CSS
  • Tables, Forms, Inline Frames
  • JavaScript Functions and Validations
  • Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Beans & Servlets
  • JSPs and XML were used to query and update the Oracle SQL database using Apache Web and Tomcat Application Servers on Windows 2000 platform.
  • Project screen captures: Click here.