Success in the Modern Corporate World

By Jerome M. Griffth | 7/22/2013

In today's workforce required skills vary for each company, and the level of change in the life cycle of any establishment fluctuates. However, I recognize three main skills an individual should possess in order to succeed in today's workforce:

  1. Computer Technology Skills
  2. Adaptability
  3. Professionalism

I have Computer Technology skills as number one because most employers and employees have a computer at the office or at home. Whether it is just for typing documents on simple word possessors, sending emails, creating fliers, brochures and posters at a graphic design station, developing complex web applications or working at a cash register, it seems every one is exposed to some sort of computer system. Even cell phones and tablets are basically like mini computers now. Recently I watched a video at a corporate meeting featuring young kids under the age of 12 explaining the significance of laptops, iPads and order mobile devices for doing homework and talking to friends while making fun of the size of their parent's computers and phones back in the 1990s. Therefore, basic computer skills are important.

Adaptability, meaning when we have acquired a job in the workforce we most be flexible and willing to learn new things. When necessary it is well advised to update skill levels with the upgrading of computer software, hardware, processes, etc. Many companies these days provide outlets where their employees can take company sponsored classes online or at learning centers to improve knowledge and skills in order to remain relevant in the workplace. I have personally witnessed co-workers whose skills were not up to date and they ended up getting demoted, overlooked for promotions or relieved of employment.

My last point, Professionalism, is key to relating with people on a daily basis. From interacting with co-workers, customers and managers to checking emails and memos before sending, one most remember to be professional. Also during job searches when speaking with recruiter's, hiring managers and at interviews it is very important to be mindful of vocabulary, etiquette, clothing and posture. One can be the most skilled with technology and adaptable to every sea-change but if there is lack of professionalism in the workplace, then it can hinder career growth and social integrity.

In summary: The corporate world rewards those who log in to their electronic devices and learn to be adaptable in a professional manner.