Mekonnen Epic Title Image © Jerome Matiyas, 2012
Image of Mekonnen, warrior from Aksum, copyright Jerome Matiyas, 2012.
Mekonnen Epic Title Image © Jerome Matiyas, 2012

Mekonnen Epic Treasures

by Jerome Matiyas

Illustrated Novel Coming Soon!

Working under the pen name Jerome Matiyas, in my spare time I have been illustrating and writing an epic adventure story entitled The Epic Adventures of Mekonnen (Mekonnen Epic). It's written in the genre of historical-fantasy adventure, similar to the Lord of the Ring Trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien and The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, yet totally original. I've been influenced and inspired by ancient writings, belief systems and mythologies and exotic cultures from around the world. My art style has evolved over the years from realistic renderings with pencils, fine point markers and color pencils to techniques similar to American and Japanese comic books and animation, drawing clearly defined outlines by hand than scanning them to add meticulously applied colors and effects with computer software like PhotoShop, GIMP and InkScape.

The story is set in an alternate historical earth in the 6th century AD, as a young warrior name Mekonnen Sofaniyas from the great Empire of Aksum in the highlands of Ethiopia and Eritrea finds himself in a grand cosmic battle between good and evil, Light and Darkness.

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When Darkness descends upon a kingdom, A Warrior must rise up to restore the Light!
Tag line for book one, The Warrior From Aksum, by Jerome Matiyas, 2013.


As the Armies of Light clash with the Mysteries of Darkness, The Kingdoms of Earth are caught in the midst and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.
Mekonnen, a warrior from the great Ethiopian Kingdom of Aksum in the 6th century AD, is caught in the midst of this ancient conflict between good and evil as his life is changed forever when his kingdom is attacked by malevolent agents from the dominions of the nefarious Prince Mastemo.

Entrusted with the mysterious yet powerful Armor of Egziabeher (Armor of God) to fight against these forces, Mekonnen embarks on a grand adventure, forming alliances with other Warriors of Light from around the world and beings from the Realms of Shamayim. Together they must combat the strategies of the enemy as the battle takes them on journeys through the outer Realms of Semayat, Meder and Siol - Heaven, Earth and Hell.

It's an epic battle that will unveil the true rulers of Light and Darkness, determine the fate of all creation and the moral state of Mekonnen's own soul.

Panels of supporting characters in the Mekonnen Epic, copyright Jerome Matiyas, 2012.
Some of the supporting characters in the Mekonnen Epic adventure. © Jerome Matiyas, 2012.