Mekonnen Epic Websites

(HTML, CSS, CMS, Flash, jQuery, PhotoShop, GIMP, Inkscape)

Mekonnen Epic Website
Mekonnen Epic Websites
January 2010 to Present | Baltimore, MD USA

  • Web designer and developer of personal websites featuring my unique art and story using HTML5 and CSS, utilizing website builder and mobile site builder.
  • Produced UI/UX designs and wireframes for web browsers and mobile devices in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Created and maintained an online store through customized website template by editing and adding HTML and CSS code.
  • Illustrated all artwork with pen & ink and color pencils. Applied colors, special effects and optimization to website images using PhotoShop, GIMP and InkScape.
  • Used Web Marketing on social media sites, SEO, Google+ and AdWords, with business cards, flyers, presentations and art displays with enthusiastic results.
  • Alternate mini website also created for mobile devices.