Enterprise Publishing Intranet Project

(Wireframes, Wiki Macros, HTML, Style Sheets, PhotoShop, Flash)

Enterprise Publishing Intranet Project
Enterprise Publishing Intranet Project
2010 to 2011 | T. Rowe Price. Owings Mills, MD USA

  • Collaborated with team of 10 associates to design and develop the Enterprise Publishing intranet web page and TechDiscovery wiki pages
  • Utilized HTML, CSS, Flash, Adobe PhotoShop and wiki macro codes.
  • Produced web graphics, a Flash video, UI designs, prototype web pages, style sheets and site maps using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Click here for a sample of the Ent Pub Flash Page. Flash file customized and reformatted from a template created by a co-worker.
  • Note: The url links to some of the website pages cannot be displayed because of the access restrictions to the websites.